Cigars, Beers And Wines For Finland’s 100-Year Anniversary

Alko celebrates 100-year-old Finland with a large selection of drinks. The official beverage offer for the anniversary year includes liquor, champagne, wines, whiskey, spikes and beers.

Only part of Alko’s celebrated party drinks is made in Finland. There are domestic small fry beers, vodka, whiskey and spit. The Finnish beer is smoky, tasty, toasty and sturdy.

From the sheer shelves you can enjoy Koskenkorva , Jaloviina , Stadila tyrnipontika and lahti dairy cigars. His interest in imported drinks is brought by the Estonian Livikko Vineyard’s liquorice- flavored Vana Tallinn .

The names of the themes of the anniversary celebrations are very lofty, such as the Hearing Finland, Congratulations to Finland for Italy and Oodi for freedom . Altia , one of the official sponsors of the Finland 100 project, has brought a series of wines, including champagne, red wine and white wine, to celebrate Finland’s independence anniversary.

Alko will continue Finland’s 100-year-long list next year. The latest products are in November, just three weeks before the 100th anniversary of Independence.

Teerenpeli Finland 100 Beer Festival, smoked beer, 5.0%
Laitila, Finland Agricola 100 V Festival Beer, ale, 6,5%
Prykmestar Tar Beer Festival, a dark lager, 6,1%
Bryggeri A century, Doppelbock, 10.0%
Svaneke Säkkijärven Polka, porter , 6.5%

Valkia 100, fruit vinegar
Finnviini Sametti,
red wine Red Tuva Kupliva Finland 100 Mahlaskumppa, fruit vinegar
Oodi Vapaudelle Cava Semi Seco, sparkling wine
Bernard-Massard Read 100 years Extra Dry, sparkling
Wine Gallery Finland Finland 100 Champagne Brut sparkling wine
Congratulations to Finland Organic Primitivo, Red Wine
Wine Finland Finland 100 red wine Wine Gallery Finland Finland 100 Bordeaux Rouge, red wine
Oodi Vapaude Chenin Blanc, white wine
Blanc de Carsin Finland Finland 100, white wine
Wine Finland Finland 100 Bordeaux Blanc, white wine

Koskenkorva hundred, flavored vodka, 38%
Vana Tallinn Dark Licorice Finland 100 years, spice, 35%
Gustav Tilli vodka, flavored vodka, 40%
Meukow Finland 100 years, brandy, 40%
Bache-Gabrielsen Finland from 1917 to 2017, cognac 40%
Helsinki Tyrni pizza, aromatized wine, 41,7%
Teerenpeli Finland 100 Party flute, smoke smoke 43%
Jaloviina Oak, flavored liquor, 41,7%

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