Finland’s Jubilee Coin

16-year-old Jennifer Tuomisto has depicted two hands shaking hands on the valor side of the jubilee coin The independent Finland 100 years in silver.

One hand is black and the other white. Tuomisto wants to describe Finland as a non-racist country through the coin, highlighting the fact that we are all different, but equally worthwhile.

On the sign side of the coin, designed by 15-year-old Saara Peltomäki from Jyväskylä, Finland is surrounded by the anniversaries of a tree, which symbolize the years of independence.

The independent Finland 100th anniversary coin in silver is marked in the denomination of 10 euros and in a maximum of 10,000 copies, of which 100 are numbered.

Jubilee Coins Finland’s 100-year Finland, which is characterized by the Finnish mint, is part of Finland 100 program.

The jubilee coin of gold was designed by industrial designer Simon Örnberg, Helsinki. The gold coin is valued at 100 euros.

The coin was issued on Tuesday, January 3rd.

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