The Traditional Christmas Greetings For The Presidential Couple

Republican President Sauli Niinistö and Mrs Jenni Haukio received the traditional Christmas greetings in the Talludden service center.

The forest students crossed their Christmas tree, the florist’s tulip arrangement, and the Karelian Federation the Karelian pirogerna.

The Animal and Nature Conservation Association gave the Presidential Party a vegetable basket. It’s a good fit because Mrs Jenni Haukio is a vegetarian.

The Presidential couple also received Korpobornas traditional Christmas greetings . This year’s fish was caught by Aspöbon Tore Johansson outside Utö. The pike weighs less than three kilos.

The president’s dog Lennu was also present during the ceremony. He sniffed interested in the Christmas eater from Utö, but it was still the ham from Vemo who smelled the best. At least the doves could not stay away from it.

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