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Para athlete Leo-Pekka Tähti enjoys a huge appreciation among his sports colleagues. YLE’s Gate survey where hundreds Finland Swedish sportsmen participated emerged a clear peak quintet – and superior winner.

YLE Sport asked 120 athletes, coaches and other sports profiles from 34 different branches to appoint Finnish top three athletes in 2016.

Hundred responded – although several complained about how hard it was because of the “poor and mediocre” sports year Finland had, in the words of two of the respondents.

– This year’s been a miserably weak on absolutely every way, so the competition is cutthroat just wrote an athletic profile in the survey conducted anonymously.

1. Leo Pekka Tähti, 153 points

An athlete stack, however out of the crowd. Leo-Pekka Tähtis names appeared on 56 of the submitted 100 vouchers and was number one on the whole 43 of them.

The first choice on each list were awarded three points, second two and the third one – and Tähti gathered almost twice as many points as the runner-up Mira Potkonen (153 against 80).

“Leo-Pekka has superior qualifications”, “outstanding long time”, “up to scratch in all weathers” and “now it really is his turn to be noticed,” let some of the reasons.

Tähti took in Rio de Janeiro’s combined fifth Paralympic gold and the fourth straight of 100 meters in the T54 class in a wheelchair. Many stressed that he finally deserves to get the title.

– Not easy to develop a top-three years, but this was easy. Tähti should have had it a long time ago, now it is his turn, said a football player.

– bombproof year after year. Took fourth straight gold in Rio, one can ask for more? A little disappointing if he does not get elected. Additionally storm nice man, considered an athlete in an individual Olympic event.

– It is time to lift him among our top athletes, which he has already been in several years, regardless of disability, noted a team sport coach.

2. Mira Potkonen, 80 points

Second in the poll was Mira Potkonen, which, with its bronze was Finland’s only medal in the Summer Olympics. She also took the European Championship silver and bronzes, but it’s Olympic success as emphasized in advance of everything else.

– For athletes considering the Olympics / Paralympics heavier than anything else, writes an individual Olympic athlete.

Potkonen awarded only four first places, but another 40 put her in second or third place.

– I know, not even any way she looks, but you are the only one to win a medal in one of the biggest races, so you probably have to be involved, summarizes a football player who ranks Potkonen second.

– An underdog mittiallt showed claws. A tough and determined athletes, reads another statement.

3. Henri Kontinen, 70 points

Ten points behind Potkonen found tennis player Henri Kontinen as “achieving something a Finn never done before,” as an athlete described.

Kontinen won the first Finn a Grand Slam title when he captured the Wimbledon mixed doubles, and he also took home including ATP final tournament of herrdubbel of ending to a great season.

– He has proven that while “we” from Finland can be the best in a super popular branch as tennis, wrote a trainer and was supported by two Olympic athletes.

– Tennis is one of the world’s largest sports and though he has not won anything big individually, so I think he is worthy to call himself the year athlete in Finland because of its achievements in doubles.

– I value their accomplishments high because it is an incredibly tough road to the top in such global events. Unfortunately, there are too rarely considered in Finland, said one who also voted for the cyclist Lotta Lepistö.

4. Lotta Lepistö, 55 points

Lotta Lepistö – which took two World Championship medals in the national team cycling in lagtempo and the individual road race – ranked four. Olympics did not go entirely according to plan, but it does not weigh as heavily here, as Lepistö voters.

– World Cup ranked higher than the Olympics among the riders themselves, says a trainer.

– One World Championship medal in the extremely tough sport is worthy of all the attention it can get, considered another endurance athletes.

– Fixed Finland first world medal in its branch. Stubborn and determined, work hard, well worth a mention, it was written in a statement.

5. Patrik Laine, 51 points

A tätkvintett emerged clearly. Fifth came hockey player Patrik Laine as last year, including winning the Junior World Championship, Men’s World Championship silver, FM league gold, and also best make an excellent debut season in the NHL.

Laine is only 18 years old and is “really too young to be so good,” as another young athlete described, but he is already one of the most lyskraftiga athletes in Finland. It is also noticeable in the survey.

– Actually, I do not understand on hockey and what is a high standard there, but Laine has also settled into my media bubble, summed up a prominent athletic profile penetration.

Another experienced athletic man remarked that he now for the first time ranks a team athletes as Finland’s best athletes.

– The fact that both Patrick and Sebastian (AHO) in the year won the Junior World Championships and World Cup played with the national team and now is playing formations in the NHL is unprecedented, praised a team athletes.

– Premature? But his World Cup and his start in the NHL shiver in me. When we saw anything like last time? He behaves with confidence and authority as a veteran, and is totally disrespectful, read a different description.

The rest

Behind the top 5 vote fell quarters finished. In addition to the five main cashed six athletes more than five points.

They were boxer Eva Wahlström, soccer player Lukas Hradecky, biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen, släggkastaren David Söderberg, hockey player Kasper Björkqvist and triathlonisten Kaisa Lehtonen.

Eva Wahlström after the victory over Anahi Esther Sanchez, 12/16/2016.
It is worth mentioning that a number of submitting their votes before Wahlstrom defended his World Championship belt in December. Photo: Jarno Kuusinen / All Over Press
Below a selection of reasons regarding the athletes on investments 6-11.

Eva Wahlström
“World Champion, certainly more skilled than Potkonen in every way, but it is difficult to get an overall picture of professional boxing.”

Lukas Hradecky
“Finland’s best football right now. Listen once to the same category as Antti Niemi and Jussi Jääskeläinen. ”

Kasper Björkqvist
“Humble guy who by patient work made it to the top in a sport with extremely tough competition. Also, a humble guy outside the rink. ”

Kaisa Lehtonen
“A fierce athletes unfortunately not noticed as much as she deserves. Triathlon is a brutally tough sport. ”

Leo-Pekka Tähti in wheelchair 153 43 10 3 56
Mira Potkonen, boxing 80 4 28 12 44
Henri Kontinen, tennis 70 11 15 7 33
Lotta Lepistö, cycling 55 8 10 10 28
Patrik Laine, ice hockey 51 8 6 15 29
Eva Wahlström, boxing 17 3 2 4 9
Lukas Hradecky, football 17 3 2 4 9
Kaisa Mäkäräinen, biathlon 11 2 2 1 5
David Söderberg, hammer throw 9 2 1 1 4
Kasper Björkqvist, ice hockey 9 1 3 – 4
Kaisa Lehtonen, triathlon 9 1 2 2 5

Tribute to Hyysalo

First place was shared out to Michelle Karvinen, Leo Komarov, Liisa Lilja, Lauri Markkanen, Wilma Murto, Petra Olli, Oskar Osala, Joel Pohjanpalo, Krista Pärmäkoski, Linda Sandblom, Tim Sparv, Arttu Tennberg and IFK Mariehamn.

Points were also Sebastian Aho, Aleksi Aitala, Makwan Amirkhani, Kristian Brooks, Albin Granlund, Matti Heikkinen, Robert Helenius, Krister Holmberg, Pekka Hyysalo, Oskar Kirmes, Petteri Koponen, Jani Lyyski, Oskari Mörö, Noora Lotta Neziri, Benedek Olah, Peetu Piiroinen Teemu Pukki, Jesse Puljujärvi, Noora Ruskola / Camilla Cedercreutz, Antti Ruuskanen, Kimi Räikkönen, Nico Rönnberg, Daniel Sjölund, Simon Skrabb, Fredrik Smulter and EDIS Tatli, and JVM-gold team in ice hockey and national team in hockey.

Pekka Hyysalo, freestyle skier who fought back after a fatal accident, was one of the most unexpected mentions – with one of the finest reasons.

“The guy who shows that nothing is over, even if everything is miserable. The kid comes back after a verdict to life disability and never gives up. Can not help but lift my hat off to such a spirit. If you want, there is always a way, just do not give up even when everything seems to be against you. ”

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