History Is Exciting For Both 2nd Graders

We should learn the history of the past in school, and only want to hear about how it has been in Finland before! I think Emil Mannerström and Johan Stadius.

Emil and John are in grades two Åshöjdens school, and both during breaks and free time is all their games and games often about history.

Interest in history was awakened including the animation series it once was – ultimate adventure . After it has especially for Emil been many films and documentaries about history. He also highlights a big stack of history books and newspapers that he has going on right now. Currently, Emil’s main interest the First World War. Johan also think it is exciting war history.

Is history a lot about the war?
– When you learn about war you also know how the people had said Johan.
– Both the way people lived and war is interesting, says Emil.
Before he became interested in World Wars he has had periods when the Viking Age, the Roman Empire and Middle Ages has fascinated most.

Start with Finland

Today the read history at number four, one hour a week. Would it be good to start earlier?
– Yes! corresponds Emil.
– But one must be quite easy, consider John. Perhaps time would be best to start a little on the runner-up.
– And firmly in third place! says Emil.
John believes we should start by learning about the history of Finland, the Finnish independence. Emil agrees:
– You can start by peaceful history, not war history.
Calm history by the way can also be quite cool. The boys immediately gives dramatic examples from the book Emil right now is that bredvidläsningsbok in school: You would not want to be sick in the 1500s , called it.

Football, handball, history

Both boys playing football in Helsinki IFK and Johan playing handball in Dicken. Many may think that football and handball are typical interests for eight year olds, while the story is unusual. But perhaps many other twos and threes would also love to hear about what happened before, if history were on the curriculum? Inspiring friends and adults also play a role, for example, Jyrki grandfather, who usually visit the historical museums along with Emil. Johan and Emil also think of the future: Both want to become scientists in Oxford, and any research in history.
– I want to find out exactly what happened, says Johan.

What if…?

History is not just about what happened, but also about what is not happening. What if Finland had become independent? How would our lives be like today?

Imagine if people would not know anything about history, if only a few would know what happened before?

Source: svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2017/01/25/historia-ar-spannande
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