Finland 100 Toronto

Finland 100 Toronto is a community initiative that is an official partner of the Suomi 100 Finland project created to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence through special events organized by Finns around the world during in the centennial year, 2017.

Finland 100 Toronto is planning four special events that are likely to be of interest to people of different ages.  Each of the events will provide an opportunity to celebrate Finland, Finnish culture and what it means to have a connection with Finland and “Finnishness”.  The events will also provide an opportunity to learn about “Finnishness”.  They may even leave you wishing you had some Finnish creativity or “sisu” (tenacity) flowing in your veins!


Here is the programme line up:


“Lähtekäämme laulamahan”

Centennial Concert                        Feb. 5th , 2017

Skating Superstars                         March 4th, 2017

Finnish Film Festival                      Oct 3rd to Dec. 10th, 2017 (TBC)

Grand Gala                                      Dec, 3rd, 2017

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