Norway’s Gift To Finland For It’s Centenary

The proposal to give Finland a little piece Mountain-Norway in anniversary gift making headlines in the media worldwide. – I think it’s an atypical news in a world where there are conflicts for even the smallest land, says NRK’s ​​foreign employee Joar Hoel Larsen.

Larsen was today even called by Australian radio Friday morning. In a five-minute long interview, both explained – and nuanced – he perception Australians had.

– I explained that there was talk of giving away a whole mountain, but a piece of land at maybe 40 meters, because it just so happens that this only concerns the top of a mountain, says Larsen.

He spots the Australian broadcaster had an angle on the interview that this was both magnanimity, good neighborliness and a sympathetic action.

Larsen also explained to the radio station that the mountain Halti on the border between Norway and Finland, is a mountain few Norwegians have been, and that he does not think has any great significance for Norway.

Without that enthusiasm disappeared from the program manager.

– I think this is an atypical news in a world where there are conflicts for even the smallest land, says Larsen.

He has been joined by several international newspapers have discussed the matter. Among them, The Guardian , The thelegraph , The Independent been impressed.

The peak “would be a wonderful gift to our sister nation,” said the mayor of Kåfjord, Svein Leiros, WHO withother local politicians has underwritten to the government in Oslo two express enthusiastic support for the plan. – THE GUARDIAN

On Ernas table
The fact is that in 2017 celebrates our neighboring country Finland 100 years as a free nation. Thus, a group of generous people, among them the mayor of Kåfjord in Troms, Svein Leiros, proposed to give Finland’s highest mountain, located in just Kåfjord, to Finland.

And not only that. They actually sent a letter to mayors, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government and the Prime Minister.

News of the matter is that the Prime Minister Erna Solberg has received the proposal at their table, and that she is now considering gift suggestion, but it is by no means ruled that Norway should give up the mountaintop . But the news has not gone unnoticed in the outside world.

Foreign Employee Larsen believes that news of the gift the mountains seen from the outside may be perceived to be a major issue in Norway than it really is. But it does not have to be negative:

– I think it’s a good omdømmesak for Norway, he said.

Facebook cheers
The mountain Halti has two peaks, one Norwegian and one Finnish. The Norwegian is higher than the Finnish, but it’s the Finnish top it is proposed to give away. For the is actually located in Norway.

Finland’s mountain border is just on the side of the summit to the Halti, just 40 meters away. If Norway is giving away 40 meters, 0.01 square kilometers, get Finland a new mountain record.

A facebook group named ” Halti as anniversary gift ” has almost 15,000 followers.


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